Cohort 2

Master Educator Fellows
2003 – 2004

Monica Botero, M.D. – Anesthesiology

“Teaching Cardiac Anesthesia to Anesthesiology Residents and Medical Students: Does the Human Patient Simulator Have any Value?”
Juan Cendan, M.D. – Surgery
Kevin Ferguson, M.D. – Emergency Medicine

“Designing an Emergency Medicine Residency Curriculum to Be Delivered over the Internet”
Presented as a poster at the 2004 UF Medical Education Banquet
Margaret Griffen, M.D. – Surgery (Jacksonville)

“Self-Directed Learning in Surgical Residents”
Presented as a poster at the 2004 UF Medical Education Banquet
Melanie Hagen, M.D. – Medicine

“Can Real Patients Contribute to the Evaluation of Medical Students’ Communication Skills?
Christopher Jolley, M.D. – Pediatrics

“The Effect of an On-line Curriculum on Improving Resident Medical Knowledge”
Robert Lawrence, M.D. – Pediatrics
Ghania Masri, M.D. – Internal Medicine (Jacksonville)

“The Impact of Medical Records Audit on Improving Residents’ Preventive Healthcare Practice”
Juan Ochoa, M.D. – Neurology (Jacksonville)

“Teaching Seizure Disorders; Comparison between Traditional Curriculum versus Interactive Web-based Program, a Prospective Randomized Study”
Carlos Palacio, M.D. – Medicine (Jacksonville)
Miren Schinco, M.D. – Surgery (Jacksonville)

“Evaluating The Tools: Are They Equivalent in Assessing Resident Communication Competency?”
Barbara Shea, M.D. – Medicine
Elisa Sottile, M.D. – Medicine (Jacksonville)

“Strategies to Achieve Resident Satisfaction: The Stars Pilot Project – The Impact of a Resident Managerial Team on Workplace Satisfaction”
Felipe Urdaneta, M.D. – Anesthesiology
“Incorporating Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Images to Improve the Value of Teaching about the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Emergencies with the Anesthesia Human Patient Simulator”
Arno Zaritsky, M.D. – Pediatrics