The Master Educator Fellowship was a formal 18-month certificate program designed to support the educational development of selected faculty who were extremely interested in medical education and who had been acknowledged for their superior teaching skills.

The objectives of the fellowship were:

  • To enhance knowledge and skills of fellows through the exploration of:
    • Educational theory
    • Innovative educational curricula
    • Individual educational research projects
  • To strengthen academic leadership through the interaction of the faculty members who have demonstrated mastery of educational and teaching techniques. 
  • To provide the departments and college with faculty who can serve as resources for continuous improvement in teaching and educational efforts in didactic, curricular, clinical and research areas.

Cohort 1: 2001-2002
Cohort 2: 2003-2004
Cohort 3: 2005-2006
Cohort 4: 2007-2008
Cohort 5: 2009-2010
Cohort 6: 2011-2012

Each of the participants in the above cohorts were awarded a certificate for successfully completing this program. It is anticipated that publications and grant funding will be subsequent results of efforts initiated during this educational process.

Historical Project Listing (All Cohorts)


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